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Thinking of buying on-line?

The internet has changed the way we research, evaluate and purchase every type of product from cars to shoes. The internet has become a great means of shopping for many products. As a consumer you can be much more informed about your product choices, performance and price.

When it comes to evaluating the price of an item you are looking to purchase, the internet is a great tool when it comes to purchasing a brand name item found across many retail or internet retail stores. Relying on price alone when making a buying decision is far less reliable when it comes to a custom manufactured product like the ones we proudly make here at Merlin.

When manufacturing a custom product like Merlin products, the retail cost of the item is based on the materials and labor used to manufacture that product. When you decide that you want to lower the cost of an item, a quick way to do that is to purchase lesser grade materials and utilize a lesser skilled work force.

At Merlin, we believe in providing the most innovative, professional and high quality products available. We utilize only North American made non-recycled materials and a work force whose training and skills are second to none. Our products cost a little more, but you can be assured that the product you are purchasing is the best available.

Isn't it all the same?

NO it's not. If you are shopping for a custom product online ask your retailer some important questions...

Where is it made and where are the raw materials from?

Is it custom made to the size and shape of my pool or is it made to stretch to fit or have add-ons to make it fit?

What kind of customer service will you receive after the sale?

Will it be installed by a trained professional installer?

Merlin Internet Sales Policy

Merlin Industries, Inc. understands the need for making informed choices with regards to the buying decisions of the products we manufacture, one of these tools is the internet.  But, as this is an important information gathering tool, we do not believe that this is the appropriate place to purchase safety covers, vinyl liners, spa covers and safety fence.


With few exceptions, the products we manufacture, are custom made at the time of order to precise specifications.  They need to be properly measured prior to order and properly installed to ensure long product life and proper fit you expect.  For the best results, a local pool professional is the way to accomplish this.  These professionals are also your way to be assured of full warranty protection from Merlin Industries, Inc. 


Although Merlin Industries, Inc. cannot prevent internet resellers from offering our products, we strongly suggest that you purchase from a local pool professional.  No internet resellers are Authorized Merlin Dealers.


Some important considerations in your buying decision:


·        All Merlin products are made in the USA.

·        There are many Merlin product choices and options.  Your local pool professional will make sure you get the appropriate product(s) for your pool or spa.

·        Improperly measured or installed products can be unsafe.

·        Improperly measured or installed products can void your warranty.

·        Your local pool professional will show you how to maintain your product for long life.

·        In the unlikely event of a problem after installation, your local pool professional will deal directly with Merlin to ensure satisfactory warranty follow-up.